Flight Planning &
Multi-Leg Tankering

Automated Tankering Calculations Deliver Optimized Tankering Results in Seconds

Multi-Leg Tankering - Made Easy for Everyone

Give anyone in your flight department the ability to calculate tankering.

It's as easy as...

  1. Select the aircraft you wish to calculate tankering for.
  2. Add each leg that you would like included in the calculation.
  3. Adjust Routing Parameters to your desired specifications.

Effortless Calculations - Optimized Results

No manual calculations needed - find your ideal fueling route for any trip in seconds with the FuelerLinx Multi-Leg Tankering Calculatorâ„¢.

The software rapidly completes millions of calculations to determine the optimal fuel uplift per leg based on:

  • Customer-Specific Contract Fuel Pricing
  • Ramp Fees & Volume Discounts
  • Aircraft Performance Profiles
  • Tankering Efficiency
  • ...& much more!

Preset Advanced Performance Profiles

Flight Planning is a breeze with customizable Aircraft Performance Profiles.

Integrated Flight Planning & Advanced Aircraft Profiles allow you to choose climb, cruise, and descent for the most accurate tankering calculations.

To Tanker or Not To Tanker? That's an Easy Question.

FuelerLinx makes it simple to determine when tankering will be most effective.

The Cost Savings Index displays estimated fuel costs on a trip-by-trip basis.

FuelerLinx even makes it easy to track tankering savings over time with automated fuel reports.

Learn more about automated
Reporting & Analytics.

Additional Features

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