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Contact a sales rep at FuelerLinx, and we'll do all the work! Our team assists users with setting up their unique contract fuel profiles, direct FBO pricing, aircraft profiles, and customizing individual aircraft settings to reflect your fleet.

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We do not have contracts. We require you submit 30-days written notice to cancel either a monthly or annual subscription. If you paid annually up front for the year, we will refund your unused time period prorated if you wish to cancel service.

The monthly subscription depends on the number of aircraft in your fleet, and the number of device licenses your department uses to access FuelerLinx. Contact a sales rep for a quote.

Yes. If you pay annually up front for the year, you pay for 11 months and receive the 12th month for free. This incentive is offered every year you renew with FuelerLinx.

Unlimited device licenses can be purchased for a flat monthly fee, giving users an unlimited amount of device licenses that can be used to access their FuelerLinx account. A device license is a computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device.


Fuel Suppliers & FBO's

FuelerLinx can compare all of your flight department's contract fuel suppliers. To see a list of them, view our compatible fuel vendors section. If you use a contract fuel provider that is not currently listed, we can add them as a compatible vendor right away.

Yes you can.

With FBOLinx integration, your FBO can automatically push your weekly confidential direct FBO pricing into FuelerLinx through a secure web portal. You can also manually load any direct pricing into FuelerLinx in your account by loading a .csv file into your fuel vendor profile.

Fuel Pricing & Services

No. FuelerLinx only displays the native pricing that your contract fuel vendors and FBOs provide to users directly. We take no part in any of your fuel purchases. We make our money with a flat monthly subscription that depends on the number of aircraft in your fleet, and the number of device licenses utilized to access your account.

FuelerLinx is a software system that organizes fuel price quotes in one interface, we are not a fuel reseller. The web services that display price quotes in FuelerLinx, are sourced and provided by the fuel vendors that participate in the system. Price guaranties are the responsibility of the fuel vendor/provider.

Yes, you can account for any fuel prices in FuelerLinx that are associated with a fuel farm, or base tenant pricing arranged with your Hangar or FBO at home.

Your account is password protected for every user. Only people in your flight department that you share your FuelerLinx™ login and password with can access your FuelerLinx™ fuel prices. All pricing history and transaction records are private and can only be accessed by those you deem appropriate.

Most of the major contract fuel vendors have built a web service into FuelerLinx. With a web service, the contract fuel vendors will provide you an account number, username and password unique to your flight departments confidential and negotiated fuel prices. Your pricing is therefore automatically updated in real time from the vendors' web service, any time you get a fuel quote in your FuelerLinx account. There are a handful of contract fuel vendors that require you upload a .csv file into your flight department's FuelerLinx account once a week when the fuel prices are updated. One person in your flight department will update the .csv file in FuelerLinx, and it will update system-wide for your entire user base across all sub-accounts.


Fuel Dispatching & Fuel Release

Yes it can, this is one of many FuelerLinx capabilities.

FuelerLinx emails you a copy of the fuel release request and the fuel order will also appear in your FuelerLinx transaction log immediately after dispatching, with your quoted fuel price and corresponding volume breaks. The vendors contact information is on every release as well if you ever need to call the vendor directly with any questions.

Not a problem. With the FuelerLinx App for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, you can set up fuel from anywhere as long as you have access to your data plan or the internet.

No, you do not have to send all fuel orders through FuelerLinx. Some vendors do not require any pre-release for fuel. However, we recommend ordering all your fuel through FuelerLinx, even if a pre-authorization is not required. By doing so, your pilots arrive at the FBO with your fuel order in hand, containing all volume discounts to make the best uplift decisions based upon all fuel prices. Additionally, by ordering all fuel through FuelerLinx, you can not only track your total fuel spend for all fuel purchases, but you also can ensure you are billed the same price you were quoted prior to fueling.

In order to get an accurate account of your best possible contract fuel price or FBO direct fuel price, it is important to include all your fuel vendors in FuelerLinx.

Please allow at least 30 minutes.

No you will not, you can dispatch as many fuel requests through our system as you desire.

It is recommended that you order your fuel within 24-hours of uplifting fuel at the FBO. Fuel prices may change more often than once a week, so you will want to ensure you are dispatching and uplifting the fuel within a timely manner.

Accessing FuelerLinx & Integration

Yes, there is an App for iPad/iPhone available in the iTunes store. The App is free to download, but you must have an active FuelerLinx subscription to log into the App. Search 'FuelerLinx'. There is also an App for Android devices in the Android Play store..

FuelerLinx has both stand-alone apps as well as secure cloud based array data servers, allowing you to access your FuelerLinx account from anywhere at any time.

We are integrated with most of the scheduling software systems on the market today. If you use a system not listed on the Scheduling Software Integration page, you can still easily use FuelerLinx as a stand-alone software.

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